My Penny Profit

Strangest thing. Sometimes when I am who-ing and haw-ing about a decision, I will just leave it to fate in some way. I tend not to give up easily but sometimes it is better to throw the towel in and just move on.

I have been undecided about a part time research job I have. It would be great but something I am doing or not doing is making me fail at it … it was an epic fail to start, getting only one or two interviews knocking on doors for four hours and some days not getting any at all. After three months it is a bit better but still more failure than success.

It may not even be anything to do with my greeting, my funny accent or the clothes I wear. It may be the cold weather or the economic unrest or any number of other things making people decide to not share their opinions, whatever it is sometimes you just need to say enough.

I think a deciding factor was on one of the last days I went out. A rather impatient Staffordshire terrier had had enough of me interviewing her owner and decided it was time to make me leave. I would say the gods that protect people from dog attacks took a shining to me that day because the owner was about as much help as a bowl of Cheerios.

Well anyway I threw my cards to the wind and tossed a coin. Heads I would put in my notice, tails I would wait ( two out of three of course ). I tossed the penny up after holding it between my palms instructing it as to the question requiring an answer and the criteria I wanted to follow. I received three heads.

OK, three out of three sounds pretty definitive. Just for fun and already accepting the answer expressed, I asked the penny again, but this time I asked if  it meant what it had decided – heads yes, tails no. Oh dear it was three more heads straight. I would have put my notice in any way.

All those heads aside I asked it a couple more questions just to make sure that penny wasn’t head happy and it wasn’t all heads on any of the questions.

I often struggle following my gut, letting go, admitting defeat and saying enough is enough time to move on. Sometimes hanging in there is the right thing to do, sometimes it isn’t. Just wish there was a little button that could be pushed to answer difficult and stubborn questions that pull from multiple directions.

Oh wait! There is always a penny.