Early Dawn ‘Pink’ Rainbow


I am not sure if I have ever seen a rainbow of only one color.
Over the six or seven months we spent living in a caravan between homes, I was privy to this lovely pink rainbow. This was taken in late August 2015.

I do miss being an early riser (something my job hours now will not afford me – but I have adjusted well enough). I miss the quiet, watching the sunrise. Hearing the bird song with pleasure (rather than swearing at the little morning peeps).

I am sure I will sometime in the future again find my early mornings( 4am is a great time to be awake), to great the day, to sing her in in my heart and my imagination. Mornings are amazing.

Pending Invasion

I am sure most of you have had those days when the deadline is in sight, you know there is a million little things to do but you just want to putter about and vegetate.  I am having one of those days.

Family is arriving tomorrow for a whirlwind 2 week visit. I am thrilled. This is their first trip to England. We have some fun touristy things scheduled and a few days to putter about. I miss them madly ( Oldest daughter and two granddaughters) and can’t wait to see them. We talk on the phone but it is not quite the same.

Only one hitch or stress point …. HELP I AM BEING INVADED … okay yes it is family and it will be wonderful and give me a much needed soul-filling. Something my girls always give me.  We will go places, do things, have awesome discussions and natters about all things and nothings.

But …

you see I have this quirk. My home is my space and being the slightly unsocial person I suspect myself to be (which seems to have expanded with age), I love my home because it is MY SPACE (yes I do share it with husband but it is like being a pea in a pod with him). I don’t have to watch my language (oh and I can curse like a trucker), I don’t have to close the bathroom door (call me lazy), I can cook what I want (and I cook some tasty but abnormally strange food), I can wear as much or as little as I please without offending anyone but my husband :). In my space I can be me.

I spend enough time working and shopping where I have to be what others expect and that is no problem but when I get home those layers of expectation are peeled away and I revel in it.

Now I will be me to a certain degree I always am (we all are as much ourselves as possible in any situation) but just watching my language <sigh such  a gutter mouth> is going to require huge fore thought. cooking kid food or agreeable with any age food and remembering to shut the bathroom door and not pile my clothes on the chair and … and … and … is going to tax my concentration.

I know they will survive and enjoy, as I will but until they arrive I plan to confront my quirk, enjoy the meltdown I will have in the next 24 hours and tuck it all away until such time as my space again belongs to my husband and I.

YAY!!! My babies are coming to visit.

My Noise – Ear Candy

I have found this wonderful free app called My Noise at https://mynoise.net/

I downloaded it onto my phone and it has become a nightly ritual to fall asleep with. It has a selection of free audio tracks and then a selection to purchase. I love the sound of running water gentle waves or rain when falling asleep.

Sometimes when I am writing I will put on the Folk Traditions or the Bells.

You can also listen to it on your web browser. Right now I am listening to Irish Coastline.

Each noise generator comes with a color coded set of bar to maximize your listening by tuning up individual areas of the sounds you like – I always turn up crashing waves and pebble beach on coastal sounds.

The gentleman that put this together is a genius in my opinion. Give it a try. Definitely rates 5 stars (more like 100 in my view).



The Jar Project

I do a lot of little things to save money. Growing veg and making my own wine is just a couple of them but where does the money I save go? Who crapping knows! But I want to start seeing the money I am saving so we are going to start the jar banks (baby food jars to start).

This is the plan – every time I use something fresh from the garden like rhubarb, tomatoes etc … even parsley for a meal £1 will be put in the jar for each course ( main meal, dessert etc). If I make soup and it goes for two meals then each meal will earn its pound in the jar. This money will go toward the garden next year. I made cakes with Pumpkin from the garden so owe the jar a pound for that already.

Every time my other half starts a bottle of wine he will put £2 into ‘Wine’ Jar. It costs me at the most … the very most a pound per bottle to make (most of the time it is like 30p). What is the cheapest bottle you can buy these days? Four or Five pounds.

There will be four jars –

Meals – Already explained how this one works

Waste – this one will be fed a £1 coin every time something goes off and must be thrown away. An orange goes moldy before it can be eaten – £1 into the jar, so forth and so on. Left overs end up in the composter £1 goes in the jar.

Wine – £2 per bottle opened.

Recycling – This one is a little more general. It is when I can take something and turn it around and use it for something else IOWs recycle it. Another way to feed this jar is if we are given something for free and save money by not having to buy it. (ie recently asked if I could have a set of the outdoor table and chairs (chrome and wood) a pub was getting rid of when they had bought new ones. Never hurts to ask and this set although it needs a cover over the table (until it can be painted) saved us in the region of £100 but I only put £5 in the recycling jar. Another fiver went in for the collecting, cleaning and reusing of screw-cap wine bottles to bottle my homemade wines (60 some odd bottles collected from pubs). I can’t imagine what it might have cost to buy them new from a wine making supplier.

We will do a check in at the end of November (six months on) to see how we are doing.

Wish me luck.


Started this three weeks ago on the 15th of May and the total in all jars combined is £51.

Story of My Garden Horseradish

I had an allotment where we lived in the Southwest of England. On the allotment I inherited a lovely horseradish. I had to leave my horseradish when I gave up my plot there because it was going to be several years before I would have a place to transplant it.

It was our first growing season last year at the new house and I have been slowly working in my more permanent plants/trees. It came with a pear tree and we have added an apple in the front and a cherry in the back. Late in that first season (last year), I began to price up horseradish roots and they are not cheap when you buy them from a nursery. I just wanted one.

I hummed and hawed and kept thinking I will keep looking until I can find an affordable one. Ten pounds may not seem like much but for a single or even a couple of basic weed roots that is pretty pricey in my book. My patience paid off and I saw a basket full of them at the supermarket -Morrison’s to be exact. Two pounds each. I almost danced out of the store with my prize and the rest of my shopping. I had my root and I had it cheap.

I got it home and immediately skewed it and put it in a pint glass to root.
It took several weeks but roots and shoots finally appeared. I planted it when it had some good foliage.

DSC_0096   Second year on and my lovely little snappy flavored weed is doing lovely.

Everyone knows the root of horseradish is what you grow it for but I also like the leaves. They are refreshingly peppery in a horseradish way but much milder they also have an earthy bitterness which is not everyone’s cup of tea but I love earthy flavors. They add a great tang to salad. lovely mixed in mixed steamed greens and I have even dried them and added them ground fine to my own seasonings for soups.




Gardening and Cooking – Passions

Now that our world is beginning to settle and we are starting our second summer in our new home I am feeling safe in sharing a couple honest and real passions. I guess I am really giving fair warning just in case vegetable gardening or cooking in not your cup of tea.

I tend not to do many things inside the box.  Anything that works in the garden or the kitchen is fair game for this girl. New, old, weird, norma,l I am not fussy, I’ll try it.

My garden is my Sanctuary (where I can Zen watching all my green babies grow). If you have never heard of someone who can spend time watching plants grow, you have now. I think it is genetic with me – my father was an irrigation specialist and I used to love to go out with him as a kid to fields and orchards when he worked. I love the smell of freshly plowed fields – heaven.

Cooking is my Laboratory – a place where I can experiment and do I ever experiment.  I talk it, I read it (especially historical books on foods and cooking) and do it. I prefer the freedom of cooking at home but also work as a cook in a pub. Forbid you want to discuss cooking with me because I get excitable when on this subject. Yay! Lets talk.


On my way home from work the other day I had a lovely change of pace. A couple young lasses were walking on the right side of the street towards us. One of them was sharing a peace sign (through a hand gesture) with cars as they passed them ahead of us.

When it was our turn, she was looking directly at us and for all the right reasons I shared a peace sign in return.

I thought it was a lovely gesture. I imagine their ages might be around fifteen or sixteen (perhaps younger, I am terrible at guessing ages). At that age I think kids are more into that rebellious frame a mind and you are often more likely to get the finger or a shout if they notice you at all.

Thanks for the smile girls. Peace and joy to you and yours.