An Adventure in Eco Bricks

Its in the news. It’s a new fad and as fads go I am not one to pay much attention to them unless they make sense or are useful.

Eco Bricks tick both those boxes for me. They have been in the news for some while. I have been watching but was giving my ability to reduce plastics without them a fair shot. I have reduced some by taking paper bags to put my veg in at the store, buying glass bottled anything over plastic bottled whatever (often paying a little extra for the decision) and more. It just doesn’t feel like enough and honestly it isn’t.

My biggest hold up on doing plastic eco bricks was – what to do with them. Seeing as I have no plans and not enough room in my house and garden to do building projects, who would I give them to. I did some research (more information is popping up regularly on the net to help guide us in our desire to stem the plastic flow) and had a lightbulb moment. Insulation!

I have an attic space and you can never have too much insulation. They would be under the current insulation which needs topping up anyway. They would not be load bearing lying flat because the wood sheets we walk on up there rest on the beams, not the insulation. It seems I have ticked my boxes and eco bricks, in our house, are all go.

_20190103_121452.JPGIf I do find somewhere that takes them for projects, I will gladly take them over or they can come pick them up.  So I have started my first brick roughly on the New Year. It is my test brick and it slowly filling up with everything from meat trays to candy bar wrappers. So far nothing has not fit with a little scissor work (even the black plastic toilet cleaner bottle (well rinsed of course) is in there now).

I have a dedicated kitchen bin for plastics or other non-recyclable items. I am rinsing out and drying off what needs it. Then when the mood strikes I spend a few minutes stuffing the bottle (which I also keep handy in the bin). Somethings might take a few extra minutes (ie black plastic bottles, plastic and Styrofoam/polystyrene trays etc) because they must be reduced in size to fit through the top but they are going in.

Any time invested is time my descendants deserve. I honestly question our ability as humans to remove plastics from our lives as far as it has imbedded itself in our day to day living. Maybe someday it will happen but in what is left of my lifetime, we can certainly find a way to put some serious control to its flow into our environment.

I have included a few of websites I read in reference to eco bricks but there are so many more available out there.  A PDF from Wasteaid. Loads of information and articles. I little more scientific but worth a skim if you like to know a bit more. A different kind of eco brick


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