A Bit of New Year’s Fun

Of course we slept in, we went to bed rather late but then the sun always comes up late, this time of the year. Alas, the adventure begins as it does every year right about now. its January 1, 2019.

Rolled out of bed this morning just after eight and did my normal pleasantries. Warmed up my morning glass of water (a habit I have had for more than a few years – water before coffee), strolled outside to smell the new year and was pleasantly surprised.

Not to say this was the first time I have seen a spot of sunshine in the depths of winter on a new year’s morning but this time it seemed more than wonderful and memorable. I wasn’t sure how I was going to greet this New Year so I latched onto the sunshine and enjoyed.

What if the weather on the first day of the year was a barometer for the whole year from sun up to sundown? Why not? I mean there are people who believe that a groundhog has some say in the coming of spring or that cows lying down foretell rain. What about the old saying ‘sun by 7am rain by 11am?’

So today has had some varying predictions weather-wise for 2019. We started out with sunshine (Jan/Feb) with clouds hanging out around the edges until about mid March when cloud cover came over. The clouds moved on and it was pretty brilliant from late spring through summer with some haze moving in toward the end. It remained sunny through fall with thin ribbon clouds moving around the edges until the end of the year (sundown).

So on the optimistic outlook of today’s weather is reference to the new year’s promise. There is going to be a smooth start to the year (sunny) with benefits (sunshine) available but that is not to say that negativity (clouds), strife, or trouble is far from view.

Spring may see some bumpiness (mid morning overcast but no rain).  Resulting in the possibility of a series of small hiccups or a medium jolt to test our wills but nothing severely detrimental.

By late spring/early summer (around 11:30am) the sun breaks out in full and remains throughout the season. Not much in the sky to disrupt but no time to be complacent. Opportunities are out there when the sun shines unimpeded. Go get them!

Summer ends with a general light haze appearing. The sun is still bright only slightly softened and remains so until (sundown) year’s end. The end of the year will not hold the opportunities that where available when the sun was at its brightest but being mindful should keep away problems developing.

That was fun. Sounds like my veg garden is going to feel the benefits. …. How was your weather today?

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