Kitchen Things – French Toast.

After some twelve years of marriage my husband still enjoys the many wild combinations I throw his way from the kitchen. I am a super believer in trying new combinations and one I tried the other day was excellent.

I had some left over pulled pork I made in the slow cooker. I always tend to cook more than I need only because leftovers, not only rock, they save me having to cook the following night and require me to pull my imagination into overdrive to think up something new.

I love french toast because it is not just for breakfast with butter and syrup.

I threw some sticky BBQ sauce into the pulled pork. Heated it up and made french toast and BBQ’ed pulled pork for dinner(with broccoli as veg but then any veg would have worked for me because the mains were just that good). Think Beans on Toast with a twist (ok more like tornado than twist).

It didn’t take much more than 15 maybe 20 minutes from the fridge to serving (making the toast, heating up the pork and steaming the fresh broccoli (which I put on first)) and it was delicious.

French toast is something I make to use up eggs and/or bread that is past its prime. I use it to make sandwiches when a plain sandwich just seems a bit boring. It is great with sloppy joes.

If you want a savory breakfast treat make some french toast, top with mushrooms, peppers or just about any omelet ingredient, put some cheese on top and pop it under the grill. Job done!

Oh and definitely try making a grilled cheese with French toast. As my granddaughter would say. It’s gummy (good).

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