African Violet Update

My single sprouting African violet has turned into three. I planted four leaves in a tub and hoped for the best back in April. Strange that it was a month between each leaf sprouting but I am thoroughly happy with the results.

They are potted and progressing. Planning to give away two of them – one has already been promised when it gets a little more robust. I know I don’t need more than one African violet but my houseplants are like pets and you always keep at least one of the litter.

I have successfully started several Boston Ferns from my main large one. I mean it is not like I did much work providing the runner a pot of soil to root into. Still it makes for happy moments. Planning on keeping those for their contribution to our air quality.

Future house plant adventures include attempting to grow Peace Lilies from seed and propagating my Dumb Cane and Prayer plant (which feels a bit daunting.


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