Houseplants – An Investment in Health

I have recently been rebuilding my repertoire of house plants. We had a few in the house but they were just ones I had saved from demise at the hands of others. Some people do struggle with house plants for various reasons. I have found success by ignoring them (water wise) until they are on the edge of drooping. They also get the occasional cool temperature shower – it keeps the dust off them. This works for a majority and sems to keep them thriving.

My interest in house plants has always been aesthetic but more recently it has become a little health oriented. I read an article someone shared on facebook and did a bit of research. Certain species filter certain particles from the air, some plants filter more than others. So my choices have become more than just eye pleasing their presents is selected not only for looks but also for filtering. Bonus!

I have obtained from the list a few old favorites –

  • Boston Fern x3
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Peace Lilly
  • Dracaena

Still others I want to add to my home are a Snake Plant (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue), Aloe Vera, Spider plant and Heart-leaf Philodendron.  If we had a large lovely house with lots of space I would include a Weeping Fig tree and some Bamboo but alas my other half is not ready to move in to the shed.

Below are a few of website from a google search. As with any research I recommend reading a variety of sources (more than just two) to get a broader outlook on the information you are seeking.

Houseplants That Clean Air

Mother Nature Network – A Breathe of Fresh Air

NASA Clean Air Study

My ultimate goal is to have one or two different plants in each bedroom as well as a variety in the kitchen and living room. Love having a little nature indoors.


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