African Violets

We moved into our new house a year and a half ago and over the last few months I have been rebuilding my indoor plants. I had to pass on my plants before the move because we would be in transit anywhere from six months on and I didn’t want them to suffer. I have been choosing plants based on air quality and maintenance so some of the varieties I have chosen are new to me.

A couple have been just good old favorites and one of those is African Violets. They can be tricky I am told but I seemed to have found a knack with them. Water when dry, find a spot they like and leave them (not too much sun), avoid touching them and always water from the bottom – those are the rules I was given, when I given my first one decades ago.  I no longer have those first ones (for various reasons) but I recently bought a new one and it is bursting in its pot.

I remembered a little article I had read years ago about using the leaves to start new plants and as I love trying new growing and gardening things. I looked around for more info on the net and have given this a try. The old instructions required a few more steps if I remember correctly but times have advanced or we just got lazier.


Cut leaves with plenty of stalk on them.

Push into pot with well draining soil until the bottom of the leaf is touching soil.

Keep moist but don’t drown and ….


My Patience seems to have paid off. One leaf has sprouted and there is another that still may but the two that are yellowing probably will not sprout. One out of four is still success!

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