Garden Pests

Last year was our first year with this garden. It was as much a success as it was a loss. We harvested lots but also lost alot to slugs, snails,  cabbage butterflies ( those white flying menaces) and the like.

This year we have started nightly slug and snail hunts.  After sundown one or both of us will go out armed with our containers of salt,  collect and melt the slimey things. It is not a fast process.

DSC_0474It takes time to lift leaves and move planters etc,  pluck them up and salt them. They love cabbage and peas and spinach, anything with smooth leaves.  Rhubarb is a place they like to hide and nibble before heading out. Thank goodness they don’t like things like tomato cucumber and squash or I would have to give up my day job.

We started hunting them as soon as the weather warmed a little ( middle of March)  and have not seen a single night where there wasn’t at least 3 or four and have gotten up to two dozen on warm wet nights. Remember to look for the little bitty ones too – they are harder to find but can do as much damage as they grow.

It has been a worthwhile pursuit. My cabbages last year, at this level of growth, were beginning to look like lace. The heads were less whole heads and more burrows for their pleasure. This year my cabbage look nice and happy so for them now it will be the great cabbage moth watch ( although I haven’t seen but two earlier in the season).

I always plant more than I can eat, can, dry or freeze. I like to be able to share with my neighbors, coworkers and friends. So last year we had plenty for ourselves even with the loses but this year I am planning to have enough to share.

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