Pending Invasion

I am sure most of you have had those days when the deadline is in sight, you know there is a million little things to do but you just want to putter about and vegetate.  I am having one of those days.

Family is arriving tomorrow for a whirlwind 2 week visit. I am thrilled. This is their first trip to England. We have some fun touristy things scheduled and a few days to putter about. I miss them madly ( Oldest daughter and two granddaughters) and can’t wait to see them. We talk on the phone but it is not quite the same.

Only one hitch or stress point …. HELP I AM BEING INVADED … okay yes it is family and it will be wonderful and give me a much needed soul-filling. Something my girls always give me.  We will go places, do things, have awesome discussions and natters about all things and nothings.

But …

you see I have this quirk. My home is my space and being the slightly unsocial person I suspect myself to be (which seems to have expanded with age), I love my home because it is MY SPACE (yes I do share it with husband but it is like being a pea in a pod with him). I don’t have to watch my language (oh and I can curse like a trucker), I don’t have to close the bathroom door (call me lazy), I can cook what I want (and I cook some tasty but abnormally strange food), I can wear as much or as little as I please without offending anyone but my husband :). In my space I can be me.

I spend enough time working and shopping where I have to be what others expect and that is no problem but when I get home those layers of expectation are peeled away and I revel in it.

Now I will be me to a certain degree I always am (we all are as much ourselves as possible in any situation) but just watching my language <sigh such  a gutter mouth> is going to require huge fore thought. cooking kid food or agreeable with any age food and remembering to shut the bathroom door and not pile my clothes on the chair and … and … and … is going to tax my concentration.

I know they will survive and enjoy, as I will but until they arrive I plan to confront my quirk, enjoy the meltdown I will have in the next 24 hours and tuck it all away until such time as my space again belongs to my husband and I.

YAY!!! My babies are coming to visit.


One thought on “Pending Invasion

  1. Big smile … welcome to my world. I don’t like my space being invaded. A wise man once said, visitors are like fish, after 2 or 3 days they start to stink.
    Happy Gardening

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