Gardening and Cooking – Passions

Now that our world is beginning to settle and we are starting our second summer in our new home I am feeling safe in sharing a couple honest and real passions. I guess I am really giving fair warning just in case vegetable gardening or cooking in not your cup of tea.

I tend not to do many things inside the box.  Anything that works in the garden or the kitchen is fair game for this girl. New, old, weird, norma,l I am not fussy, I’ll try it.

My garden is my Sanctuary (where I can Zen watching all my green babies grow). If you have never heard of someone who can spend time watching plants grow, you have now. I think it is genetic with me – my father was an irrigation specialist and I used to love to go out with him as a kid to fields and orchards when he worked. I love the smell of freshly plowed fields – heaven.

Cooking is my Laboratory – a place where I can experiment and do I ever experiment.  I talk it, I read it (especially historical books on foods and cooking) and do it. I prefer the freedom of cooking at home but also work as a cook in a pub. Forbid you want to discuss cooking with me because I get excitable when on this subject. Yay! Lets talk.


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