In Search of the Strange. London

We have been to London many times and have seen most of the regular touristy things. This current trip to London to show my family a little of this magnificent city has lasted three days.

The first two days were the touristy spots and a bit of shopping for the kids but today – we the grandparent generation – took the initiative. We paid for all day tickets on the BigBus tour for the young’uns and we went looking for a little museum or two that is of interest. Weird and Strange always top the ‘Interest’ list and we struck pay dirt not far from Euston Station.

The Wellcome Collection

The Grant Museum of Zoology

Both of the above small museums are free to the public and around the corner from each other. The Wellcome Collection is both modern and interesting in the their multiple exhibits. The Grant Museum is full of specimens of bone and in bottles. Another one we visited a couple years back s the Hunterian Museum in Holburn – this museum is extensive in the specimen displays both human and animal.

Found a London Gem

Yesterday on the way back from Camden Market (via the canal) to King’s Cross Station we came across an easily missed gem of nature. 
The Camley Street Natural Park (part of the London Wildlife trust) is like a little oasis in a sea of asphalt and cement.

I am not good at judging land areas but it is a few acres along the canal. Lots of benches to sit and relax under the trees. Places for young ones to hunt wild animal (bugs) and do activities. Lovely rough and natural. Even saw a turtle sunning himself on a patch of reeds.

If I lived nearby it here in Greater London I would make it a regular spot for relaxing with nature.

The New Shadow Selfie

DSC_0458 (2)   I am a bit camera shy, mainly because I always seem to screw up my face as the shutter opens. When I do selfies, I am identified as the head topped with white hair because I generally make sure only the top of my head is included.

Well we were at a steampunk weekend market in North Yorkshire and I discovered a new fashion selfie I feel totally comfortable with. The sun was out and my shadow gave a well set outline of myself. It was quiet the hit on Facebook with friends and family. I think they were tired of seeing just the top of my head in my selfies.

My Sanctuary

Sometimes we must adjust our expectations. Where we might like our natural sanctuary to be a forest, a meadow, nature in its most natural and wild state, it is not always available when needed.

My gardens ( front and back) are my ( nature) sanctuary. My expectations changed but in no way have lowered. They may have even raised.  The pleasure of growing from seed, nurturing, maturing and then harvesting is heavenly for my heart, soul and spirit.

Early Dawn ‘Pink’ Rainbow


I am not sure if I have ever seen a rainbow of only one color.
Over the six or seven months we spent living in a caravan between homes, I was privy to this lovely pink rainbow. This was taken in late August 2015.

I do miss being an early riser (something my job hours now will not afford me – but I have adjusted well enough). I miss the quiet, watching the sunrise. Hearing the bird song with pleasure (rather than swearing at the little morning peeps).

I am sure I will sometime in the future again find my early mornings( 4am is a great time to be awake), to great the day, to sing her in in my heart and my imagination. Mornings are amazing.

Pending Invasion

I am sure most of you have had those days when the deadline is in sight, you know there is a million little things to do but you just want to putter about and vegetate.  I am having one of those days.

Family is arriving tomorrow for a whirlwind 2 week visit. I am thrilled. This is their first trip to England. We have some fun touristy things scheduled and a few days to putter about. I miss them madly ( Oldest daughter and two granddaughters) and can’t wait to see them. We talk on the phone but it is not quite the same.

Only one hitch or stress point …. HELP I AM BEING INVADED … okay yes it is family and it will be wonderful and give me a much needed soul-filling. Something my girls always give me.  We will go places, do things, have awesome discussions and natters about all things and nothings.

But …

you see I have this quirk. My home is my space and being the slightly unsocial person I suspect myself to be (which seems to have expanded with age), I love my home because it is MY SPACE (yes I do share it with husband but it is like being a pea in a pod with him). I don’t have to watch my language (oh and I can curse like a trucker), I don’t have to close the bathroom door (call me lazy), I can cook what I want (and I cook some tasty but abnormally strange food), I can wear as much or as little as I please without offending anyone but my husband :). In my space I can be me.

I spend enough time working and shopping where I have to be what others expect and that is no problem but when I get home those layers of expectation are peeled away and I revel in it.

Now I will be me to a certain degree I always am (we all are as much ourselves as possible in any situation) but just watching my language <sigh such  a gutter mouth> is going to require huge fore thought. cooking kid food or agreeable with any age food and remembering to shut the bathroom door and not pile my clothes on the chair and … and … and … is going to tax my concentration.

I know they will survive and enjoy, as I will but until they arrive I plan to confront my quirk, enjoy the meltdown I will have in the next 24 hours and tuck it all away until such time as my space again belongs to my husband and I.

YAY!!! My babies are coming to visit.

My Noise – Ear Candy

I have found this wonderful free app called My Noise at

I downloaded it onto my phone and it has become a nightly ritual to fall asleep with. It has a selection of free audio tracks and then a selection to purchase. I love the sound of running water gentle waves or rain when falling asleep.

Sometimes when I am writing I will put on the Folk Traditions or the Bells.

You can also listen to it on your web browser. Right now I am listening to Irish Coastline.

Each noise generator comes with a color coded set of bar to maximize your listening by tuning up individual areas of the sounds you like – I always turn up crashing waves and pebble beach on coastal sounds.

The gentleman that put this together is a genius in my opinion. Give it a try. Definitely rates 5 stars (more like 100 in my view).