On my way home from work the other day I had a lovely change of pace. A couple young lasses were walking on the right side of the street towards us. One of them was sharing a peace sign (through a hand gesture) with cars as they passed them ahead of us.

When it was our turn, she was looking directly at us and for all the right reasons I shared a peace sign in return.

I thought it was a lovely gesture. I imagine their ages might be around fifteen or sixteen (perhaps younger, I am terrible at guessing ages). At that age I think kids are more into that rebellious frame a mind and you are often more likely to get the finger or a shout if they notice you at all.

Thanks for the smile girls. Peace and joy to you and yours.


Two Years …

Two years since my last real post and it has been crazy wild, amazing, random, shocking, fun, annoying and a whole slew of other emotions.

Perhaps a brief time line is in order –

June 2015 – Sold the house and moved into the touring caravan – surprising I am still married to the same man I moved into it with and just as surprising we are still both alive

Sept 1 – Gave up our jobs of 15 years and 8 years respectively

Sept 7 – 20 went to Germany for our anniversary

Oct 1 went house hunting in the northeast of England.

Mid November 2015 – Mid January 2016 – Extended stay over the winter holidays with family in California (first California Christmas in over 11 years)

February 1 2016 – moved out of caravan and into lovely little 3 bed mid terrace (large kitchen and large rear garden were accomplished) in an awesome town in South Yorkshire. Yorkshire Rocks!!!

March 2016 found a job and am still there.

April – Garden is on the way to being a Veggie Haven and my Sanctuary.

One year (plus) on since relocating and we are still loving the decision to pull stakes and go wondering for a new life. We are both working and have great neighbors. Lots of new places to explore both close and not so far away as before.

My other half had been born and raised in Somerset and I had been there over 10 years. We decided to make the move before we got too old to do it because of the level of irreversible chances involved. There had been plenty of moments, up and down. and I will ramble in situ on them as the come to mind.

It you ever get an inkling to try something as crazy as this I highly recommend it.