‘Santa Bag’ Breeds

Pretty sure I have mentioned that there are various breeds of Santa Bags, Easter Bunny Bags, Halloween Treat Bags, Baby Shower Bags and Birthday Bags. In fact you can do a bag for just about any occasions. There are no neat rules about what occasion deserves the fun of a Gift Bag. Now there are still a few guidelines that never hurt.

Setting a cost and limit also makes sure that the stingy ones spend the money and the generous ones don’t spend more than everyone else. You can use this at house warming or baby showers where the guests take turns passing the gift bag filled with little something so everyone gets, a small token gift in appreciation of coming to the affair. Do not think that you can’t trade either. It might add a little camaraderie to the get together.

You know that idea that you always purchase gifts for others that you would like to receive yourself, well with a Gift Bag or Santa bag you can always pick a one or two you like and the rest you think others will enjoy. I always throw in a can of Smoked Oysters – I always get them back in a trade.

So now is a great time to start buying little things (or as I like to do – making little things) to put into your Santa Bag for the family or if you are someone who enjoys throwing little shindigs plan one for that too.

Make your own Bag for your occasion and let the bag be the last gift given.

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