Get Pickin’ – Dandelions

We are so late here in England getting started on spring. Two weeks before June and my grape vine has 3-6 in shoots on it. It can be a bit depressing waiting and hoping for a summer that actually fits the name.


I am a bit of a reluctant forager. Reluctant only because of the dog population in this country and the public rights of way meaning if it is used for foot fall anything on either side under three feet may have been used as a lamp post/tree.

Under normal circumstances the reluctance to pick and eat would be from how close to the road the foraging happens and how often the road is used by vehicles. Nary a path in this country goes untouched by those four legged beasties and their need for the toilet so even unused roads are not necessarily safe from pollutants.

Honestly, if I was that hungry neither thought would stop me but as I have the time and inclination to be choosy so I will.

There are some excellent free sources of nibbles here and I imagine most places have something to offer the forager. Now that we have had a bit of sun and a little warmth (unbelievably it will be cooling a bit toward the end of the week. Again!!) the winter wary weeds are builing up strength and pushing forth.

One of the most prominent the lovely little dandelion, known the world round. The weed that can set most proud front yard/garden caretakers on their heads. I like yellow flowers, any yellow flower will catch my eye before any other. Our lovely little dandelion deserves a much higher status in the plant world than weed. Every inch of it is edible – leaves, root, flower. Check out the nutritional value of one cup of raw dandelion greens, just 55 grams, dandelion greens. I think you will be amazed at what it has to offer.

Do a Google search on Dandelion Wine, Dandelion Beer or even Dandelion Greens recipes. They are out there and they are many..


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