Making Humus – The Cool New Food

Actually humus has been around a long time and rather than tell you about its pluses etc I want to share something I do with those little humus beans (chick peas, garbanzo beans). Now the stuff you buy in the store, no matter how hard they try to avoid it is going to have additives to keep it fresh longer. How to avoid that. Make it at home.

It is simple.
Buy the dried chickpeas (or whatever you call them where you live).
Soak overnight.
Boil/simmer them (for more than a few hours) until they are soft inside when eaten.
Process them (AKA mash them) add a little water to smooth them if needed or lemon or lime or ?? juice.
Add perfered flavors ( I thow in fresh onion, garlic, pickled jalapenos on the first grind in the food processor the flavors blend right in and …

TaDaaaaah you have home made humus.

What I did the other night was cook them 24 hours in the slow cooker with a dried Pasilla-Ancho chilies and two long red dried chillies (from one of those vendors along the road in New Mexico. When they were finished the water was black and the beans were something similar. I drained them (saving back a little of the chili juice) Lifted out the three chilies I used to cook with and chucked them. Chopped up a small read onion, some jalapenos from the jar some pepper soup mix and ground them with a a hand held processor/grinder. Most was mixed with a packet of taco mix and used to make vegie soft tacos.
That which I set aside I mixed with some mascarpone cheese for a soft dip for anything I like.

Previously I had made some (normal color) that was lemon and ginger and then also a garlic flavored. It does freeze but needs a good whipping up to smooth it back out.
Have a recipe rolling around in my head for a cold soup made with humus. Will work on that for another post. Would love to hear any personal experiences of cooking with humus or chickpea curd.


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