Its That Time Again – Creating A Santa Bag

Now is a good time to start thinking about the winter holidays and gifts. Some individuals are so organized that they do start this early. I am not organized but let me tell you of a terrific way to give gifts that keep giving for hours.

I must give credit for this to Della H. (an ex-husband’s mother). It was our first year together with extended family and money for everyone was tight. This was her way of handling the little she had to spend on gifts and the number of gifts she had to supply.
The Santa Bag, one of the most creative innovative ideas in Christmas giving I have ever seen for any budget. The Santa Bag or if you like the Gift Bag (just in case you want to use it at a birthday party or house warming party, etc) can be as unique as you or your budget allows.

The year I first discovered the Santa Bag was in the mid 80’s. Della (aka gramma Della) was a bit skint as we all were and she only had about $25 to spend on ten people give or take a couple. Rather than spend $3 or$4 per person she found a red pillow case and filled it with smaller gifts. Seven of these were young children and we know Christmas is never as fun for adult as it is for the children.

She wrapped each gift individually. There were a couple cans of tuna, a few packages of Top Ramen, a can or two of corn and peas, and a few candy bars, all wrapped. There were pencils and note pads, crayons and color books (rolled up into tubes and wrapped), bags of plastic animals and water guns. There were little hand creams, shampoos (travel size), copy cat spray perfumes and a couple bars of soap. Yes it all cost under $25 (with a few kitchen goods to top it up.

Santa Bag Rulz (more on Santa Bags)


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