Living in a Yurt (a DIP-Dream in Progress)

Tied down tight to the earth, a wood stove glowing orange in the middle of the room. Old rugs overlapping keeping your feet dry. Several folding cots softened with sheep skins, laden with feather pillows and down comforters to sleep. This is my chosen home for the next three months, six months, a year.

Sturdy and strong safe from the weather life would be uninhibited

I would love to do this. Spend three months from August to November or even a year, wrapped in a world with no TV, no outside world to butt in. Perhaps a radio to listen to when you need to hear the outside world would be handy. No internet, a computer fed by the sun through two solar panels. An old typewriter to back up the sun. My paints an easel, note pads, and books, lots of books and both my kindles.

A safe water source and access, a bicycle to go shopping for fresh fruits veg and ice for my cooler for dairy but dry milk is nice too. A camp stove for cooking and a table for food prep, writing, typing and painting – just one table to supply many uses. An open pit place to relieve myself and for biodegradables. A large wash tub for washing ourselves and our clothes. The term ‘ours’ refers to my husband and I, a husband, my husband is more than enough company for me.

What a grand adventure it would be. To live a year in a Yurt.

We have this wonderful little burner on legs made from the bottom ¾ of a gas bottle. A heavy iron grill sits over the top and is fabulous for cooking outdoors, heating water for soup or tea. In good weather we can cook outside in a fire pit or on the grill.

Our alarm clock will be the birds, our time kept with the light of day and our personal taste. Afternoon naps will no longer be avoided, to adhere to the regiments of working in the rat race. They will be celebrated and enjoyed. The simple pleasures of adjusting to easy and relaxed living will be enjoyed in depth. The biggest worry of the day will be washing ourselves and fixing a meal.

What a perfect mental workout/day dream for a planner like me. I can spend minutes or hours planning, scheming and dreaming of everything about living in a yurt. Just maybe … If I dream hard enough …

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