Pallet Love.

I have to tell you my soul cringes when I see a lowly pallet disguarded at the sid of the road or abandoned behind a store. The call to be taken home and pulled apart our used whole if in good condition. My other half has used pallet wood to build raised beds, replace the front of a old rabbit hutch to make a laying spot for some chickens and even built a shelter with scrap 4×4 posts a pallet for the top, pallet wood for the sides and felted it for my chickens.

From composters to furniture pallets are like candy for the creative recycler. I put the words ‘what to do with pallets’ into a google search. There are lots of ideas on the internet and below are just a couple websites to get your juices flowing.

This site and the one below have some woderful ideas to reuse and recycle pallets. When you go to check out pinterest below do a search and you may find hundreds more.

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